5 x5 " Drawings

In November, our town had an open studios tour.  I thought it would be fun to create some small drawings to display and sell.  It was so fun that it became a compulsion. I've even added a new page to my site and plan to keep it going. 

3 Color Poster

I've been thinking about designing some pieces for screen printing, so I took a class on Skillshare taught by Jesse LeDoux. The assignment was to make a band poster, so I made this one for Atlas Sound.  


Children's Clothes

I have been experimenting with designing patterns. I recently had a couple of them printed onto some cotton fabric which I made into a clothes for children.

The Ink Spot

Here are two drawings that are part of  series I am working on.

Playing Store

When I was little I used to like to play store.  I thought maybe I would like to be a cashier when I grew up.  I actually tried that and it was horrible.  People were always telling me to "smile" when I felt that a blank stare was more appropriate.  Well, I'm happy to announce that I've found a way to work in a store without having anyone comment on my facial expressions! *Ding Dong* Welcome to my Etsy shop!  Here are some festive cards I made. It was pretty fun - I think I'll make a few more. 


Muscle Man

Every now and then I will come across an old drawing that never saw the light of day. I don't remember why I made this or why I rejected it, but I think it's funny.  I do remember that my husband suggested the bulging vein.


Cody Bird

This bird was eating out of my dog's dish the day she died.  Now it hangs around the backyard and stares at me.  

cody bird.jpg


I've been copying faces and hands from the Giotto frescos at Assisi. That's where I got these hands.


Almost Spring

Here is a drawing I made after a week of particularly beautiful weather.  I don't think I will be feeling as optimistic about the seasons this week.